Aug 22

What Kind of Flushing System is Best for Your Home?

Flushing systems are designed to forcibly discharge all the debris that has accumulated within a home heating system. The best flushing system for your home will depend on the benefits you expect to gain from it and the amount of cleaning power needed to purge debris from the pipes and other parts of your heating …

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Jul 17

Getting the Most from Your Paintwork

The final touches to any build can be the difference between a well-received project and a disaster. With this in mind why do so many ‘tradesmen’ neglect the importance of the paintwork when finishing up? Too often shoddy painting results in a cheap looking job no matter how well the property has been built structurally. …

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May 06

Saving on Bricks and Mortar: Money on a Construction Site


Save money on bricks and mortar when working on a construction site by hiring equipment and using reusable resources, among many more. As with any job, when you work in construction you want to keep costs low whilst maintaining a high quality of work in order to remain profitable. And time means money! So how …

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Apr 23

Window Technology – A Promise for the Future

Energy loss through windows can equal 10 per cent of a building’s energy consumption, so having the best technology in place can reduce energy needs and save a great deal of money at the same time. As building efficiency targets have become more ambitious, windows technology can help meet these targets. As part of the …

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Apr 18

The Most Famous Steel Buildings

Every once in a while architects manage to design and construct buildings that seriously impress everyone who’s lucky enough to pay them a visit. For structural reasons, most of these monsters are made from reinforced steel, which goes part of the way towards explaining why they’re so incredibly durable. With that in mind, today we’re …

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Mar 31

A Guide to Steel Coating Technologies

There are many different types of steel coating technologies available today and all are there to help protect the steel from corrosion and degradation. Let’s take a look at some of the different methods along with the pros and cons with regard to their usage in differing environments. Galvalume – Galvalume is an extremely popular …

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